How to make the site running line

For a long time many Internet visitors do not feel like a random guest in virtual reality. The more that you can get in a global network of their own choice for working, relaxing or socializing was never so easy. And after such a place — a website or page appears, I want to make it prettier, more informative, more convenient. One of the ways to get the desired result — placing of the information or images in a scrolling Ticker on the website.

Как сделать на сайте бегущую строку

The easiest way to insert the Ticker into the page of the website is to use ready to use HTML code, which provide many free online resources. This would be the best option, for example, if you want to put on your website like news, stock quotes, information, game portal, etc. In this case, you must find on the pages of the selected Internet resource code, copy and paste in the location you want the HTML code of your site. This option is convenient not only because you do not need knowledge of the scripts that create the news Ticker, but also not have to worry about the filling of information like this tape — it will do automatically the website, source code scrolling text. If you fill a line, you need your own information or pictures, you will have to compile the code. This is easily done using a special language tag of the HTML marquee. It consists of the opening and closing parts, the first of which is indicated by the additional information attributes. This is official data that tell the browser what font and color you want to display the text Ticker in which direction to route the traffic, the width, height and background of this line and between the opening and closing tags and put the text news feeds. For example, in the simplest case the code might look like this: this text Ticker Here are only the width and height of block in pixels (the width and height attributes) and the text scrolled. The direction of travel is set by the direction attribute that can be assigned to one of four values in English (right, left, up, down). By default, the text running lines looped to the end attached to his beginning, which will move in the same direction. If you use the behavior attribute with the value alternate to the text, reaching the right border of the window, change direction to the opposite and will endlessly bounce off the two opposite sides (left and right or top and bottom). Another important attribute of a moving line scrollAmount. It sets the speed of the text in relative units — 1 means the slow movement, 2 — a little faster, etc. using attributes you can specify a delay before the scrolling Ticker, the number of cycles and the pause between them, the indentation from the text to the border box of the element.

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