How to make the background «a Word»

Microsoft Word or simply «word» − text editor, used to create, edit and view documents in text format. The editor has a number of tools that allow you to perform formatting documents, including changing the page background.

Как сделать фон в «Ворде»

With this office app can be made transparent page background, or paint in any tone, or select a paragraph, Bay it with any color. This function may need to give text personality to draw the reader’s attention to some moments.

Decided «a Word» to make the background of the page, go to the menu and see the icon «design», located on the top panel of the editor. To fill the fragment color to select it, then open the «page borders» and select the desired setting: border – color – options (indent) fill – «OK».

To make the background «a Word» on the entire page even easier. Open the design page color and select a color. All done. Interesting want to issue a document, click «fill effects» in the dropdown box, select the appropriate option:

— gradient is a smoothly varying shading, available in two colors, there is a finished billet;

— texture – you can choose from the ready-made templates or upload your file from the folder;

— pattern making – you can make the shading and background in different colors;

— picture – is established by analogy with the pattern.

When you load the drawing are the value dimensions. A small image will be repeated several times as large, by contrast, appears not completely. Next, specify the desired color and tone, the type of stroke (horizontal, vertical, diagonal), press «OK».

To return to the original position – to make the white background also. Click on the icon: page color – without color. Interesting view page will give a substrate – «ward» offers samples, and the ability to set your preferences: language, text, font.

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