How to exit a clan in World of Tanks

«World of tanks» is a fairly popular online game, and in the process of development, players can receive all sorts of questions, including how to exit a clan in World of Tanks. This feature is available in the player’s profile on a special website, and find it yourself can be a challenge.

Узнайте, как выйти из клана в World of Tanks


1. You can get out of a clan in World of Tanks, after completing the authorization on the official clan website (link is below). You need to click on the «Login» link near the top of the screen. Enter the password and login from your registered account and confirm the entry. Go to the main menu by clicking on the icon having the form of horizontal lines (or click on the tab «Community», as the website may vary).

2. Open the menu item «Clans». Expand this section and you will see the «Leave clan» («Leave the clan»). Click on it and follow confirmation steps. After the administration denies the player the possibility of joining any of the clans within the next 48 hours. This restriction was introduced to prevent frivolous choice community.

3. After leaving your previous clan in online battle World of Tanks and after waiting two days, you can join a new community tank. For this there are two ways — by invitation from clan commander or by self-application through the recruitment office. For example, you can register at the tank site, go to the section «Recruitment» and then open «a Personal matter». Fill out the form and send us a request, specifying the desired parameters of the clan.

4. If you are not joining already existing game clans WOT, you can create your own. The action again takes place through the official tank website and this time is paid. Replenish your balance is 2500 units of gold by choosing any convenient way of payment online. Click on the option «Create clan». Specify the necessary parameters of the community and specify its name. Creating a clan, you automatically become its commander and will be able to invite your friends.

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