What is a 3D pen and why is it necessary?

The creation of a solid model simplifies the work of engineers, and it’s wonderful entertainment for children, which helps the development of imagination, logical thinking.

Что такое 3D ручка и зачем она нужна? Достоинства и недостатки 3D ручки

Modern 3D printers are still expensive for home use. Of course, they will gradually become cheaper, and while the stores offer something like a very simple and inaccurate 3D printer 3D pen.

What is a 3D pen?

3D pen is basically a container in which a small piece of plastic from the roll warmed up and served out. The unit is supplied from the network. Externally, the device looks like a thick ballpoint pen or a portable device for burning, and the modeling process is similar to drawing in the air or on the stand.

The advantages of 3D pens

— Three-dimensional model using a 3D pen to create very simple, since the plastic hardens very fast, and therefore a support for three-dimensional structures are not needed.

— In the process of creativity, you can use colored plastic, which makes unnecessary the coloring of the finished three-dimensional model.

— Using the 3D pen you can create a model from several parts (composite), with moving parts.

— Producers offer nozzles of different diameters for 3D pen, which gives more opportunities to create models.

Что такое 3D ручка и зачем она нужна? Достоинства и недостатки 3D ручки

Что такое 3D ручка и зачем она нужна? Достоинства и недостатки 3D ручки

The disadvantages of 3D pens

— In my opinion, it’s not the cheapest toy (the price can vary from 3 to 8 thousand roubles).

— It’s hard to talk about the accuracy of created models. What you can draw with 3D pens, in my opinion rather volume a sketch and not the exact model.

— Consumables are also expensive (I found a small plastic Hanks from 1500 rubles per 1 PC.).

Please note! If you are going to buy such a thing for a child, remember that the temperature of the nozzles 3D of the handle can be in the range of 80 to 270 degrees Celsius, so, in my opinion, not worth buying it for a preschooler. Rather, it is a toy for students of secondary and high school, and in the early days of the gadget you shouldn’t leave the device alone.

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