How to choose a computer Desk

The choice of a computer Desk is not an easy task as you might think, because a new piece of furniture not just must be suitable in design and size, but not damage the health of the future owner.

Как выбрать компьютерный стол

At the computer many of us spend a lot of time. Someone working, someone is having fun or talking, but prolonged sitting at the computer not very useful for health, in particular for the spine. Incorrect position of arms, head, the need to bend over and stuff, will quickly lead to chronic diseases.

Where to start selection table for computer

Look at the diagram showing correct and incorrect posture of a person sitting in front of the computer. If your favorite model Wallpapers for computer freely and does not allow to sit correctly for him, it is not necessary to buy it.

Useful tip: at the same time choose a table and chair for computer. Before you pay, sit in a chair at the table and make sure the hands when working at the computer had a support, will not have to lift my head to look at the screen and his feet stood firm on the floor.

Other important criteria when choosing a computer Desk

1. The ability to place over a table or any other convenient way, the equipment connected to the computer.

2. The presence of additional shelves for papers, books (textbooks), especially if the apartment is small and a special oven for them it is impossible to place near.

3. The safety of the material from which made the table for the computer.

4. The safety design of the table, especially if the family has a small child. In this case, it is desirable to choose the model that meets all safety requirements for children’s furniture.

Useful tip: remember that if the system unit you plan to put under the table or on a special shelf in the table, for the unit should be provided with good ventilation. But if you want to sit at a new Desk with a laptop, then you should stay on the tables with maximum number of boxes at the bottom (i.e. suitable and conventional desks).

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