How to determine your typing speed on computer keyboard

Out of mere curiosity or in order to qualify for a certain position, it is necessary to know your typing speed on computer keyboard.

Как определить свою скорость печати на компьютере

Life on the Internet is growing rapidly. Today, world wide web, we are not only looking for useful information for work or study, but also to fully communicate, provide diverse leisure activities. However, all the possibilities offered by the Internet any citizen will be inaccessible if the person is typing on a computer keyboard very slowly.

I already wrote about keyboard simulators that can help those wishing to form a high speed printing. However, advances in this field need to somehow fix. So, how to measure the typing speed on the keyboard?

1. Using the stopwatch

Obviously, it’s easier to ask someone from others simply to note the time while you are typing unfamiliar text. You can also put a timer (cell phone or computer), and then count how many digits you had to dial.

Helpful hint: for typing in such a situation it is better to use Word from Microsoft Office or the similar Libre Office from. In these programs there is an automatic count of characters with spaces or without them, the statistics of the entered words.

2. In the offline program

If you used to workout print speed typing tutor, look for it in speed test. In the previously mentioned program Stamina! there is such a test that you can comfortably and objectively assess their achievements in this matter.

3. On the Internet

On the Internet a lot of sites that provide a variety of tests. In addition to psychological or logical, and there is a reasonably convenient and objective tests that determine the print speed on the keyboard.

The choice of this service is a matter of taste, to me it seemed pretty nice site By the way, regularly passing these tests, you also inadvertently will increase your print speed.

Helpful hint: please note that in addition to high speed printing, you have to show and literacy. The text must be typed with a minimum of typos!

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