How to delete history of visited sites from your computer

Users who value privacy can delete history of visited sites from your computer, thus hiding your recent activity on the network. You need to perform certain actions within the system, and use the settings of Internet browsers.

Попробуйте удалить историю посещения сайтов с компьютера


1. The option to delete your history of visited sites from your computer available in each program-an Internet browser, including popular Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Yandex and others. Go to main menu of the browser. The item «browsing History» may be presented separately or be a part of the section of General program settings. Note the available options. Usually clear history of sites for the current day, current week, month or all time. Check the necessary settings, and then click cleaning operation.

2. Go to history sites and delete the information about visits from your PC can and other ways. Being in an open browser, press a combination of buttons on the keyboard «Ctrl + H», which helps especially in browsers, where it is difficult to find the appropriate section in the menu. Note that usually in addition to deleting the history of web browsers offer to clean cookies, remove temporary forms and passwords, downloads and other information. Choose these items too, if you want to completely hide your history of activities on the Internet.

3. In the browser settings see the name of the folder on your computer, you save downloads from the Internet. Navigate to that folder and delete or move to another location on the hard drive of all unnecessary that may compromise your last online activity, such as images, archives, files, torrents, and other information.

4. Configure options the history of visited sites in your browser. Usually in this section, you can disable the storage of this history. You can also activate the option to clean up the information on the pages visited after the browser is closed. If such options in the program, try to Supplement it with relevant plugins are mini-applications that integrate into the browser and enhance its functionality. Download plugins is possible through the menu «extensions». Search by keyword «history» and history.

5. To avoid the possibility each time to delete the history of visited websites from your PC, especially if you go into the network with another device, use the Internet using private mode. To invoke it, press the combination «Ctrl + Shift + N». In this mode, any data about the user actions in the network are not saved, so when you shut down you can safely close the browser.

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