How to remain anonymous in the world wide Internet

More and more people and devices come in a global network or permanently connected to it. We leave on the web more information about yourself. Being hunted by sellers to more effectively sell us their goods; people conducting sociological research; the intruders who want to reach our savings, data, or spammers, etc. to the Standard set antivirus + firewall is not enough. To protect yourself and to make your stay comfortable in Internet, need no extra tools.

Защита личной информации в интернете

We all get access to Internet via programs-browsers, or browsers. Regardless of what browser you use, your browser supports add-ons (extensions, plugins).

Block ads

The first thing you need to do is install the extension for blocking ads. Ads are not as harmless as it seems at first glance. Promotional banners additionally show you that certain products or services may contain functionality to spy on you or even to remotely control your computer. Of course, such opportunities their ads give advertisers only unfair, but nevertheless, it is advisable to insure. The most popular lock ads is a browser extension AdBlock, AdGuard and uBlock. They are available for all popular browsers. A side benefit from the installation of such extensions is that every Internet page you visit will become much more readable wipes out dozens of pesky flickering banner ads and pop-UPS. Another significant advantage would be faster loading sites.

AdBlock - Первым делом блокируем рекламу

Encrypt traffic

The next step is, in fact, anonymization. There are several solutions. Let us first consider solutions that are implemented as plug-ins for browsers.

The first one is Browsec. This extension exists for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You can download it on the official website of the same name. This extension sends all your traffic through a secure encrypted VPN channel. In this case, first, almost no one can decrypt your traffic, and secondly, to determine your physical location. Very useful extension, which also is very easy to use. A positive side effect of using this extension is that you can access sites that are blocked in your country.

Browsec - расширение для подключения к VPN

Disable the surveillance

The following useful extension — Ghostery. It reveals to you page tracking bugs, beacons, markers, scripts, Analytics and behavioral analysis. By default it does not block them, but only tells you about the presence of tracking on the site. And then you decide which company to allow to monitor your actions on the Internet and what to deny.

Ghostery - блокируем слежку

Disable scripts

Next, you can disable automatic execution of scripts. To do this, there are extensions GhostScript, NoScript and their numerous analogues. Scripts have a huge capacity, up to save, open and modify files on your computer, information about your location, read keystrokes and mouse movements. So disabling scripts will additionally protect you when surfing the web. Minus disabling scripts is that may impair the functionality of some websites. For example, often the menu, the animation and some additional functionality on the websites are implemented with the help of scripts. But also any site that you trust and who regularly use can be added to «white list».

NoScript - блокируем скрипты

Use the TOR network

The next solution to anonymize your stay on the network using specific protocols.

Tor is an anonymous network of virtual tunnels through which data is transferred in encrypted form. Tor Browser is a browser that implements traffic through the anonymous Tor network. You can download it from the official website of TorProject. Following set up and connect to an anonymous onion network, the browser is ready to protect your private information when you visit websites. Page developers are simple rules that should be followed when working on the Internet using the browser Tor to preserve their privacy.

Tor Browser - подключаемся через сеть TOR

Use virtual private networks

We have already considered the extension for VPN connections. But it will only work in the browser, through which you now access the web. While the operating system or other applications at the same time to go to the Internet and thus deanonimizirovat, to reveal you.

If you need more strictly to preserve anonymity in the global web, you can use the app OpenVPN for your computer or mobile device. It exists for Windows, Android, Mac and iOS. After installation, you just connect to one of the many available servers, and all your traffic starts to go through an encrypted VPN connection.

OpenVPN - работа в виртуальной частной сети


We’ve covered the most basic tools for maintaining anonymity on the Internet, and in 90% of cases they will help you to keep your personal information while surfing the global network. But remember that 100% no system can provide protection, because the weakest link of all this — people. So try to use the Internet wisely.

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