How to remove unacceptable information from Google search

Any network user can face the fact that when you search in Google any information he can get on the web site with obscene content, or a site that defames someone, or violates copyrights, or website, created for the purpose of deception, for example, collecting data on Bank cards (phishing site). You find information about yourself, where it’s not expected, not given the right to place your photos, work or personal information. What to do in this case?

Как удалить неприемлемую информацию из поиска Google

Because Google is a law-abiding company, it has created a special resource on which anyone can report illegal or aprillikuu information and in case of positive decision to remove the information from its search base.

Here is the page where you can create a request to delete information from Google search

Here you can get acquainted with the various legal aspects on this topic, read FAQs, and then start removing content.

Click on the tab at the bottom of the page «Sending legal requests«. You will discover the icons of Google services:

Запрос на удаление информации из поиска Google Select tools «Web search«. On the newly opened page, select one of the available options to what topics is your request:

Запрос на удаление информации из поиска Google

If you have not found a suitable option, then select the last item «I found a legal issue that is not«, as selecting this option brings up additional options. For example, for copyright infringement.

Continue to choose answers from the list, and Google can offer you the completing the application form, which will be sent to the relevant Department dealing with this problem in Google.

After some time, if your application will be considered positively, the information will be deleted from the database of Google!

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