How to ensure child safety on the street

Developmental activities, fashionable clothing, toys…Parents are willing to give their child the best. However, the most basic needs of a child is a love and sense of security. And if it’s clear, security is often interpreted by adults as the protection of the child from the aggression of the outside world. Though just enough to be extremely careful while walking.

Как обеспечить ребенку безопасность на улице

If the child is still small, the first task of parents is to protect him from injury. While in children, impaired coordination of movements and reaction speed, a high risk of injury when falling. The greatest danger is posed playgrounds. If you walk with small children, choose those that are designed for your age. This means that the design of slides should not exceed more than one meter, stairs must have handrails, sandbox — sides, and the swing should be on chains, not on the metal pipes. Note the presence of stop before descending the hill. The crossbar will prevent the baby fall down the head, if it pushes you or he messes up. According to the new safety standards of all playgrounds must have a special rubber coating. This coating acts as a good shock absorber when you fall, but in winter there can be quite slippery because of the ability of porous material to hold the liquid.

Summer walks with children it is difficult to imagine without the scooters, running bikes and bicycles. But only a few kids ride in helmets. But to get a head injury even when falling from lower height. And the most dangerous situation is considered a collision between two cyclists. Try to have your child ride bicycles in places of large crowds and on busy streets. Choose quiet places in the parks that are not chosen by adult cyclists. By the way, the most dangerous children’s transport is the scooter. Speed most to develop is impossible, but to do a somersault over the head you can easily!

In winter the bikes will be replaced with sleds and snow racers. Now a very popular tubing or as they are called «cheesecake». Of course, to pull the tubing more convenient and more fun – they are soft, when going downhill glide well and fly very fast. But pose a great danger – off the «cheesecake», the child may obtain serious injuries. Even when descending the spine of the child, and an adult, experiencing large overload – each asperity slides causes a Bouncing baby. What this means in detail can tell the trauma surgeon, which from the beginning of the winter season treat hundreds of adults and children. For a safe descent from the hill the most convenient way is a simple «ledyanka» — coming close, but falling does not hurt.

Parents do not always have the opportunity to be around and «podstelit straw». Children of school age go to school or walk without adults. Learn about their whereabouts by phone not always is possible – children can not answer the call, to lose or forget your phone. In this case, to help parents have a special bracelet on his hand. There are several types of baby bracelets. For example, there are models of bracelets, which you can call and hear all that is happening at the moment around the baby. Some bracelets have a built-in GPS Navigator and parents with special app can track the child’s location on your phone. These bracelets can have a built-in panic button that the child can press in case of danger, and parents will receive a text message. For very young children there are bracelets on the arm, Segal served on the parent phone if the baby left his mother at a certain distance.

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