What to do if bullied in school

Teens who have never encountered bullying in school, actually very lucky. Because children are very cruel and bullying can have a serious impact, dampen the spirits, to leave deep psychological wounds. What to do if bullied at school?

Что делать, если издеваются в школе

First you need to realize and understand the motives of the offenders. Most often the following motives: jealousy, the desire to gain popularity and credibility among their peers, the anger that is associated with adolescent problems, the desire to look cool, to have power over man. As we can see, there is no reason that directly concerns the person who is bullied.

Teenager should know that if he gets bullied in school, it’s not his fault. In any case, you can’t blame yourself or your appearance, nationality, feelings, Hobbies, opinions. Should always be proud of who you are.

Asking for help is not a shame, what is happening you can tell a teacher, parent, school counselor. If the adolescent is faced with bullying at school, need to do the following.

1. Not to react in any way on the offender. If not to react person who tries to hurt, soon he gets tired and he’ll just fall behind.

2. To worry about their safety. If the abuser can hurt physically, it is better to leave.

3. To report bullying. Don’t be afraid to inform the teacher or the school Director.

How to overcome the psychological effects of bullying?

1. Need to find people who share those interests, and to enlist their support.

2. To tell about the experiences to the man who inspires confidence. It is impossible to carry all in itself.

3. To develop self-confidence.

4. Not to think about the humiliation that had to go. It’s best to remember those moments when people are treated well.

5. Don’t blame yourself for something that wounds heal rapidly.

6. Talk to the person over whom is also bullied in school. So you can understand that there are others with similar problems.

7. Help someone. You can get a volunteer to a charitable organization. One of the best ways to forget your troubles is to help others in a difficult situation.

8. Sports. A good idea to enroll in some section of martial arts. As the saying goes, «healthy body, healthy spirit». This will help to cope with trauma, and if necessary to fight back their oppressors.

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