How to choose a humidifier for apartment

Comfortable room climate depends on various parameters, including humidity from the air in the apartment. To increase the humidity use climate devices of various modifications. To create the necessary microclimate in the premises, it is necessary to choose the right humidifier.

Как выбрать увлажнитель воздуха для квартиры

Steam humidifier

To understand what humidifier is better, it is necessary to refer to all types. Manufacturers produce humidifiers of various types. The easiest is to steam it operates on the principle of separation of steam in the boiling process. The housing is made of thermoplastic, having low thermal conductivity. Good machine has a built-in release and fixed filters. In operation it is enough to periodically rinse the tank and clean the housing. The lack of humidifier is noisy, the power consumption (500 watts), unsafe – can get burned by hot steam jet.

The traditional humidifier

Safe and consume little power (up to 60W) humidifier cold or traditional action. The principle of operation in a container of water halfway down the filter through which the water evaporates and moistens the air fan in the house. The main thing — do not forget to pour the water in a timely manner to wash out the tank. The performance of this humidifier is low, it supports natural level of humidity, the moisture excluded air in the apartment.

Ultrasonic humidifier

Humidifier ultrasonic for apartment is the most modern model. The work is in the device inserted in the membrane with high frequency oscillations, which converts water into cool vapor. You can adjust the humidity level, runs almost silently. Choosing a humidifier for a child’s room or bedroom, look at ultrasonic. Disadvantage – requires a lot of grooming, it is impossible to fill the hard water. Water softeners use special cartridges.

What manufacturer to give preference to

Models of the same type but from different manufacturers may vary significantly in quality. Of course, to choose a good humidifier for apartment will help sales consultants, but it is worth a brief overview of the manufacturers. The best Creator is the climate technology Switzerland, the firm Plaston. It produces the brand Boneco and Air-O-Swiss. Original design different products Electrolux, cleaner AirComfort.

Domestic products the quality does not Shine, this is offset by affordability. Chinese humidifiers are design little different from Plaston – public price categories: you can select the brand name Cooper & Hunter. Which humidifier to choose, decide based on how you need to increase the humidity in which room he will stand.

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