How to choose a refrigerator POZIS brand

Рozis – national brand under which produced refrigerators of different models. The company was founded in 1898 with the support of shareholders from France. However, the first fridge came with conveyor belt only in 1971.

Как выбрать холодильник марки POZIS

In the USSR the refrigerator plant was one of the most popular. They attracted consumers reliability, durability and affordable price.

The company «Poses» carried out the modernization of production in 2000, began to use modern technologies. Three years later, the brand received a certificate of product conformity with European quality standards. And since 2004 in Russia Рozis confidently holds a position among the leaders in the production of refrigerators. Today in our country and in the CIS, there are over 200 service centers of the plant.

Product advantages «Poses»

Appliances Рozis is compact and decent power freezing food, excellent organization of internal space. It is important that today refrigerators brand meet the latest requirements of environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, malosolone.

Among the latest achievements of companies from Russia, you can celebrate the start of the release of the 2005 models with the use of isobutene – this component does not destroy the ozone layer, and therefore, the operation of the products environmentally friendly. And in 2007, the company began producing refrigerators of class A. the Company is focused on continuous improvement of the product range both from the point of view of design, functionality, and cares about the environment. So with 2015 in the manufacture of machinery Рozis not applicable materials and components capable of causing damage to the environment. The bet is placed on «green» technology.

How to choose a refrigerator Рozis

To choose the refrigerator from wide range of brand can for any interior. Thanks to modern design is easy to find the best option for small or large kitchens. The assortment includes products with two compressors.

In the model range of the plant includes variants with different sizes, volumes. Also pay attention that the directory includes the refrigerators with the Full No Frost system. The company manufactures products with artistic graphics, painting, inlay with crystals is an exclusive series.

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