Refrigerators ATLANT — model, the history of the brand

Under the trade mark «Atlas» has now produced household and commercial refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and more. Company from Belarus consists of three companies, and the first refrigerator factory from Minsk released in 1962.

Холодильники ATLANT - модели, история марки

In the line of ATLANT today presented more than 50 models of refrigerators. These products differ in purpose, functionality and volume. Belarusian brand has proven that its products are not inferior to European counterparts. Buyers can purchase two-chamber or single-chamber refrigerators, with freezers at the bottom or top with one or two compressors.

It is interesting that in this closed joint stock company was developed the first Soviet refrigerator and freezer. The products are actively exported abroad.

The advantages of the selection of refrigerators «Atlant»

Brand ATLANT gaining extremely positive feedback from consumers because the refrigerators from Minsk meet the following requirements:

· Wide model range.

· Affordable price.

· High reliability.

· Whisper-quiet operation.

· No problems with the purchase of spare parts, service maintenance.

· Increased efficiency of energy consumption.

· Environmental safety.

«Atlant» refrigerators are manufactured according to international standards, for their manufacture uses the modern refrigerant. Therefore, these products do not harm the environment. Class energy efficiency products ATLANT is divided into category a and A+.

Feature refrigerators company from Belarus is the careful forethought of the interior space. The optimum temperature is maintained thanks to the well-organized natural air circulation. Equipment shelves are made of tempered glass, so they will last as long as possible. The surface scratch-resistant, easy to care for them. Also the manufacturer uses for the production of household appliances safe ABS plastic.

To pick up the fridge from the line of the ATLANT it is possible for any interior. Depending on the preference of the buyer, it is possible to stop an option on models with a freezer with a fast freeze option. In the brand catalogue the built-in type refrigerators with system No Frost, a series of Maximum (width 700 mm), Compact (with a width of 545 mm), thermoelectric and combined.

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