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In the cold season, many are thinking about buying heaters. Home heating is not always enough, and to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house, you have to use this appliance. But in the country it can come in handy in the summer to keep warm at night. To choose the right heater, you need to understand which types of these devices exist and what the pros and cons of each of them.

Какой обогреватель лучше


1. Oil-filled radiators — electric heating system, in which the role of the heating element performs the oil inside. This type is most often used in apartments. Oil in the radiator warms up gradually and makes the air warmer. Among the advantages of this kind of heaters fire safety, no noise. In addition, most modern radiators have auto off function when reaching a certain temperature.
The main drawback of oil filled radiator — heating their own metal surface, sometimes up to 100 or even to 150 degrees. Accordingly, if there is a child, you need to constantly monitor him, make sure he didn’t touch the heater, or he may be a burn. The same applies to Pets. In addition, you should make sure that the appliance near inflammable substances.

2. Heaters — an alternative to radiators. There are outdoor heaters and wall-mounted models and even built in a floor, which saves space in the room. These devices can successfully fit into the interior that usually cannot be done with oil heaters. Heating element in heater is a steel rod inside protective tube made of metal. Heat is distributed by natural convection: hot air rises, giving place to the cold, thus ensuring the circulation. Such heaters are equipped with thermostats and automatic shut-off to maintain the temperature at the desired level. They are noiseless, does not burn oxygen in the room and quite a long serve.
Among the disadvantages are perhaps relatively high power consumption. However, this feature is typical for the oil cooler.

3. Heaters the most economical space heaters. This is the easiest and most affordable type of devices. heating the air in the room. They quickly create the desired temperature in the room and have, as a rule, compact dimensions. The heater can be put anywhere, in any part of the room, on the floor or on the table, also can hang on the wall. Such devices heat the air using the hot electric coil, and the fan sends to the heating zone.
Among the disadvantages of fan heaters noise during operation, especially at increased speeds. in addition, can cause unpleasant smell of dust that burns inside the machine on a hot spiral.

4. Infrared heaters — probably the most high-tech type of heating appliances for the home. They are fundamentally different from other categories because they installed quartz radiators is exposed to the air and directly onto objects and people. Thus saving energy that is not wasted on heating the entire room. These devices can be installed not only in closed rooms, but also, say, outside on the terraces. They meet the highest safety requirements. A significant disadvantage is only one: are infrared heaters is quite expensive.

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