How to choose women’s wrist watch

Как выбрать женские наручные часы

In the modern world all kinds of gadgets there are literally everyone, however, traditional watches are still in demand especially for the beautiful half floor, so the question of how to choose this accessory is always actual.

When choosing a wrist watch should not only follow the fashion trends, it is important to understand that this is a mechanism that can last for a long time, so you need not to forget about some of the features.

There are two types of watches — mechanical and quartz. In mechanical hands come into action thanks to a tightly stretched spring. In quartz watches the main source of energy are the batteries or solar energy, they are more accurate than mechanical and they do not need to wound.

The housing must be made of high quality material, this is the beauty of appearance hours. It is undesirable to choose a watch with plated, because the plating will eventually wear off and scratches are formed, in extreme cases, you might prefer the gold.

As for the body, straps and bracelets for watches made from a variety of materials, such as rubber or leather, of the method of fastening on the wrist mainly depends on how they will look on the hand and how much will be comfortable to wear.

Leather is environmental and beautiful material, the price range is quite large, so you can choose the right model of bracelet from classic to exclusive.

Rubber strap leather is losing its aesthetic appearance, reliability and comfort, however these watches are ideal for swimming, he will not get wet and is not deformed.

The dial is certainly the face of any women’s hours. In addition to its main function – demonstration time, it also has an aesthetic purpose. The dial can be brightly painted with raised numerals and unusual arrows. In the dark or in poor visibility will help to determine the exact time luminescent hands. To dial an important material from which made the glass, as it is his protection. The most durable and long-lasting is considered to be a synthetic sapphire, which can not be broken and be scratched.

If you treat the watch as accessory, their operational characteristics and additional opportunities – not so important.

Such models may not be traditional shapes: oval, diamond shaped and even heart-shaped. On the dial there may be no digits, but can be a large amount of jewelry: rhinestone, semi-precious and precious stones, as well as drawings. These decorating elements will make the emphasis on femininity and the attractiveness of owner hours.

If you approach the selection of watches from the point of view of their intended use, should pay attention to their useful functions. For example, most modern women prefer an active lifestyle, doing sports. Therefore, the demand for watches with a special durable glass and the housing, made in sporty style.

Experts recommend to follow the universal rule — the watch is supposed to look like on your arm: if your wrist is narrow, choose a smaller model size, if your wrist is wide, organically will look more three-dimensional watch.

To buy the watch is better in a specialty store, do not regret their time and money, the seller-consultant will help you make the right choice, and answer all the questions and about the manufacturer and the mechanism.

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