Red thread on your wrist

Many people wear red string on the wrist. Why do they do it? This is a simple tribute to fashion or was there a deeper meaning? Are there any rules that you want to use this «accessory»?

krasnaya nit

One of the first who began to wear on his wrist a scarlet thread, was Madonna. The legendary singer known for his commitment for the Jewish Kabbalah.

If you follow the beliefs of the Kabbalists, the thread needs to tie his man friend, lover or relative. In General, the one who means well, who ties a thread. In this case, the thread becomes a talisman for a person, has a positive effect on energy, protects from problems and brings success in life.

In Kabbalah, it is important that the thread was wool. Moreover, if we follow the teaching, it makes sense to use only threads brought from sacred places.

Which wrist to wear the red string?

According to the beliefs of the Kabbalists, the thread should be worn on the left wrist. It is believed that through the left hand in the human body can permeate negative energy.

But the Slavs and the peoples of the East, decided to wear a red string on right wrist. The talisman on her right hand are people who wish to attract into your life good fortune and wealth.

In Hindu temples, unmarried girls tie a thread on his right wrist. It is not known what this was about. Perhaps this is a way to celebrate the girl’s status as a potential bride.

In the modern world many people use red string as a fashion accessory, not giving it value. Others invest in this sense of the sacred. But, anyway, the tradition of wearing the red thread on the wrist of associated with good. Even if you don’t know, what is red thread, the harm of wearing it will not.

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