Which sling will fit your baby

Babywearing is the most ancient way of co-existence of mother and child. In ancient times, women giving birth to baby, bandaged them myself. Thus, they released their hands. At the time there were decrees and vacations, and young mothers with no help in domestic Affairs. These days, the sling became popular: mom in it is convenient to move, and the baby is constantly pressed to the beloved and dear people.

Какой слинг подойдет вашему малышу


1. The slings are different, and need to pick them depending on age. For newborns it is particularly important to be with my mother in the first months after birth. All nine months of their world was only mum’s belly, so only her baby will be safe and comfortable. For such cases there is a sling with rings. SSK is a piece of fabric the width is about 70 inches and a length of 2 meters. At one end of the sling is sewn to two metal or plastic rings, the other end free. This sling is sewn from natural fabrics – linen, cotton. Some types of SSC are drawn, one serfovoj tissue.
Used SSK facilitate the free end into the rings so that the fabric does not slip out of them. Turns out the «pocket» where have the baby. Sling with rings is worn over one shoulder, so you need to periodically change the position of the sling to avoid back pain. The FCS will be useful to 3-4 months of a child’s life, then you can change them to another type, relying on two shoulders. But do not rush to hide the sling far in the closet, because it will come in handy when the child starts to walk independently. SSK is quite compact, it is convenient to take on walks without the stroller. And when the child is tired, you will be able to quickly put him in the sling and wear, until he again did not ask to go himself.

2. Sling scarf is versatile sling. It can be used with the child’s birth and before the age of three. But more than the weight of the child, the harder it becomes to carry it in the fixture. This is noticeable because the scarves are often of the knitted fabric, which are well drawn. The length of the scarves varies between 2.5 to 5.5 meters. Width is usually not more than 70 cm. the ends of the sling are beveled for ease of dressing. When buying a baby sling-a scarf you will be offered instructions on the sling. It’s not as difficult as it seems. Scarves perfectly distribute the weight of the child, so after long walks you will not feel pain in the back or on the shoulders.

3. After 3-4 months, your baby will not want to lie in the FCS or in the scarf. He wants to see the world, you people. For older children there are slings that use a vertical posture. For example, may-sling. This type of sling consists of a rectangular piece of cloth, from which depart four corners of the strap. Two straps are short, they tied the knot on the belt. And the other two, upper long, stretched across the back of my mother, cross on the baby’s back, pass under the baby’s legs and fastened near the lumbar node.
May-sling is suitable for babies aged 4 months. Then they can support the back and head. The load weight is on the shoulders of mom. Wide shoulder straps will help the mother to keep the brunt and not get tired. May – slings come with headrests that baby’s head is not rolled, if he falls asleep. And if your sling is no headrest, you have to hold up his head, because in this type of sling is not horizontal.

4. Ergoryukzak. He looks like a normal backpack tourist, but with slits for the arms, legs and head. The strap of this sling wide, comfortable, not allow you to tired shoulders during long walks. The child in the backpack located in a small recess, where is buried the priest and raised his legs. Wearing once ergoryukzak and configuring it for yourself, you will deprive yourself from the windings are constant. These and comfortable this sling. Before you walk you just need to put the baby in a sling, fasten fastex, if necessary, to tighten the straps. Ergorace sewn from thick fabric, so in the summer there is the opportunity to sweat in it not only the child but also the mother. But this problem is solved by using a mesh backrest and the least dense of the straps.

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