Can pregnant women have sex: how it affects the child

«Can I have sex during pregnancy?» – the question along with many others are asking almost all couples expecting a child. The intensity of sexual desire within 9 months of regularly varies and depends not only on wellbeing but also on the trimester.


Sex during the first trimester of pregnancy

With the onset of the 1st trimester many women become less active sexually. This is due to changes in the body. Poor health and sickness also play a significant role in the weakening of sexual desires. In addition, women are afraid to harm the baby, so on a subconscious level they have to drown themselves in attraction to love. Physiology says otherwise: the constant sex at an early period cause bright feelings of love comfort and do not harm the fetus. Female genitalia are much more sensitive due to the active tide of blood. Thanks to these events a woman can experience sexual desire and achieve satisfaction.

Sex during the second trimester of pregnancy

14-28 weeks – the period when the expectant mother gradually becomes accustomed to the changes that occur to her body. Thanks to the hormonal surge pregnant more often is craving sex, but still restricts itself to sexual intercourse, referring to the fact that the penetration of the penis can hurt the baby, and muscle contraction is fraught with complications. So, is it possible to have sex in the second trimester? Nature is smart – she long ago took care to protect the fetus, so it will be protected from the «invasion» of the penis.

Sex during the third trimester of pregnancy

When it’s 30 week sex during pregnancy cause difficulties only in the sense that it becomes not easy to choose a suitable posture to avoid pressure on evidently rounded tummy. Now the partners need to pay attention to foreplay to achieve orgasm.

Can the sex lead to miscarriage?

Some people believe that orgasm promotes can contractions, which could have a miscarriage or pre-labor. Is this true?

Yes, orgasm causes muscle contractions. However, the uterus is the reproductive organ, which is reduced throughout a woman’s life – pregnancy is not some special exception. This process helps the muscle tissue to gain elasticity and firmness, which is very important during childbirth.

If the fetus has not yet passed all stages of ripening, and the uterus is not ready for the onset of labor, its reduction at the time of the sexual act is not in force to provoke the abortion. Numerous studies confirm that the orgasm affects fetus positively. This is Primarily due to the release into the blood of the hormone endorphin, called the hormone of happiness.

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