What is not in pregnancy

Any expectant mother must learn in advance that you can, and most importantly — not during pregnancy, so out of ignorance as not to harm the baby.

Что нельзя при беременности

After learning about their situation, each woman should review information about what is not in pregnancy. It was in this period, the body is vulnerable as never before, especially because here we are talking not only about the health of the expectant mother, but also of the life and health of the baby. Therefore it is worth to treat with all responsibility: as they say, «be forewarned, forearmed!». Better to protect yourself and enjoy a happy pregnancy than to suffer the consequences of action.

So here’s the list, assembled by me:


I think it’s better not to explain why we consume alcohol during pregnancy, especially during the first three months (of malformation, underdevelopment, miscarriage, etc.).

2) Smoking!

Smoking is in danger of hypoxia (lack of oxygen), which in turn can cause a number of problems (miscarriage, delivery before time, the mental disorder the child, developmental delays, lowered immunity).

3) you can’t fly on a plane after 26 weeks (this can affect the baby or to induce labor (exceptions are possible after consultation with the doctor)).

4) do Not dye your hair colors ammonia (harmful substances can penetrate into the blood, which is not good — not worth the risk). In an extreme case, choose paint without ammonia or toning shampoo.

5) do Not use hair spray, aerosol insect repellent, not to increase the acrylic nails. And avoid being in the room where something color (especially not painting itself), because harmful substances through the respiratory tract gets into the body.

6) do Not visit a bath, sauna, Solarium or take a hot bath. Can a warm bath or shower. But no aromatherapy — for example, you cannot add oils to the bath (increasing of tone of the uterus, miscarriage). Better use a decoction of herbs — mint, chamomile, succession, marigold.

7) you Cannot lie down and sleep on your back and abdomen.

In the supine position, the fetus, over time, increasingly more weight, presses on the vessels which pass behind the uterus, thus disrupting the blood flow, which has a negative impact on the child’s condition (lack of oxygen and nutrients) and on the state of the mother (back pain, lack of oxygen, hemorrhoids, problems with pressure).

8) If the kid took the right position (head down) — you can’t put his hands up.

9) do Not take any self medications and herbs!

10) Any heavy activity and exercise (with doctor’s approval, yoga, swimming, light workouts and exercises for pregnant women).

11) Sex after consulting your doctor.

12) do Not sit with her legs crossed.

13) If pregnant, do not do chest x-rays and x-rays.

14) as for the food:

I think you should not say that all vegetables and fruits should be cleaned!

You shouldn’t use:

— caffeine, carbonated beverages, green tea — spicy, fatty, fried; — mackerel, tuna fish; — shellfish, sushi rolls (only vegetables); — non-pasteurized milk and cheese; — eggs (only the «hard-boiled» and quail in any form); — raw and half-cooked meat, prepared food, sausage, cold smoked, pate; — no dyes, chips crackers etc.; — less allergens (citrus fruits, strawberries, chocolate, tomatoes).

15) monitor the health and dress warmly — any cold can harm;

16) don’t look at ugly pictures, photos, video, aggressive — everything that causes negative emotions;

17) No nerves and stress.

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