What bag to wear with a fur coat

The female handbag — an essential accessory without which can not do any one woman. Currently on the shelves of shops have a huge range of bags, and sometimes is not easy to choose a suitable product that would not only liked the appearance, but also combined with one or more items of clothing, for example, with a coat.

Какую сумку носить с шубой

When selecting the bag to the coat in the first place it is necessary to pay attention to the length of the strap. The best option is accessory with short handles that can be worn in the hand. Naturally, such accessories if you do not like, you can always buy a model with long straps and wear it on your shoulder, but remember that strap you can spoil the quality of the fur on the coat, and the majority of instances fur coats have voluminous shoulders and wear the bag is just uncomfortable (the strap slips off).

Also, when choosing handbags pay attention to the material from which it is made. The most harmonious look with the coat versions, made of leather or suede. Remember, models of man-made materials complete with fur coat will cause dissonance among others. As for the models that you can wear a fur coat, then there are plenty to choose from.

Classic coat will suit for many instances, and as concise accessories and options, redecorated the original fittings or any other not too frilly details. Short coat, especially if you create a evening look, you can pick up an elegant clutch. Lovers of retro style for everyday wear, you can buy a stylish bag redikyul, ladies, adhering to the elegant style — bag-briefcase.

Naturally, when choosing a bag to coat special attention should be given to the color of the accessory. It is very important that the colors of clothing and accessory ever matched, but differed on a few tones, or a completely contrasted, but combined with other accessories in the image, for example, shoes, gloves, scarf, etc.

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