Fashion trends of summer 2016 for women

Almost every summer in fashion magazines we see the same favorite summer trends: nautical theme (stripes, shells) floral pattern in different interpretations («Wallpaper», vintage small floral print abstract blurred colors), sometimes geometric prints. Summer time is a carefree, holiday, bright, summer wear natural fabrics – linen, cotton, slim jeans and Chambray. Summer fashion 2016 will certainly account for these does not change from year to year trends, but is different with new trends.

женская мода лето 2016 фото

How to dress in summer 2016: back in the 70s

Strong trend of 2016. Fashion of the 70s for a high, long-legged girls and women with waist. The 70 means that the fashion returns elements of hippie style – very summery. It is inherent in natural fabrics, «folk» elements – embroidery, peasant blouses, ethnic prints, rich colors and Indian patterns. Classic seventies – flared jeans, mini-skirts, trapeze dresses-trapeze, Maxi dresses and skirts, shoes with wooden or cork platform and suede «camel» color.

модные платья лето 2016 года фото

модные платья весна лето 2016 года фото

What to wear in summer 2016: print Vichy (vichy)

Is a cell with two plain strips on white cotton. Stripes can be red, pink, green, black colors. This cotton has historically been produced in the French city of Vichy, was very inexpensive, so it was used to sew the kitchen curtains and table cloths (white cloth in the red cell – an indispensable attribute of rustic style). The peak of popularity of the Vichy fabric was in the 60’s, when Brigitte Bardot was married in dress made from this fabric.

модные платья весна лето 2016 года фото

Summer clothing for women 2016: 90 their minimalism

A stable trend in the past two years. Simple colors, fabrics, textures. Cropped tops (crop tops), things men sandals massive sole necklaces-chokers (collars).

тенденции моды весна-лето 2016

Fashion trends spring-summer 2016: normcore

The style accentuated negligence, Nezalegnosti on their appearance. Today don’t have to look «dressy», choose jewelry from one of set, bag and shoes the same color. Normcore is comfortable shoes, usually sneakers (here comes the fashion for orthopedic Slippers), spare clothes (jeans, shirts, t-shirts), no flashy brands.

тенденции моды на 2016 год

In addition, fashion trends for 2016 allow the sporty style and inherent neon colors, tight leggings, breeches and shorts, sweatpants, and, of course, sneakers!

мода на лето 2016 для девушек

Although fashion trends change every year, and store shelves are filled with new clothes each season, you should not lose your head and buy all the fashion in 2016 things. Always assume that goes for you personally, try to choose a good cut things. Better to buy quality clothing that can be worn a few seasons, than a regular knitted t-shirt on sale.

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