How to dress for a wedding in a Scottish

As for her own wedding to look original and fashionable? How different from the monotonous of most brides in traditional white long dresses? Dress up a plaid.

Свадебные платья в клетку стали модными

Scottish cage is back in trend and popular ornament also applies to wedding dresses. Not necessary to have ancestors originating from Caledonia to stand on the wedding dress of tartan cloth. It’s enough to love this cute print and navigate the fashion trends.

You can select one of ponravivshihsia models or create your own style of wedding dress in the cage. It would be interesting to do some research, because Scottish fabrics have a special symbolism, depending on colors used in the figure.

But what about the dresses? Here the choice is huge. As for the style, if you believe the resource on the one hand, it’s open shoulders. On the other hand, is the use of tulle in a variety of ways. Color modern wedding dresses in the Scottish style is far from traditional: it’s all pastel colors, especially muted blue and brown tones.

Another way to stand out from the faceless masses is to wear a Cape with a hood.

Another popular trend is the collar, made from transparent fabrics or stripes around the neck, a kind of American armhole, highlighting the beautiful shoulders. Glamour is also in Vogue, sort of a tribute to elegance, and on the other side of the podium are more casual models in case everything takes place in an informal setting.

Cut, which would have earned the approval of fashion guru, will have deep triangular cut-out, feathers, sleeves with ruffles, cowl, floral prints, cropped tops, fringe, corset bodices, see-through skirt, and metallic fabric.

Have your own style of wedding clothing is just one drawback — you need to have a lot of patience, to first order the dress in the Studio, and then go through a series of fittings. So to worry about sewing a dress in advance.

Wedding dress in Scottish style doesn’t have to look like the owner just stepped off stage at a fashion show. This can be a simple modest dress knee. This outfit is more practical than impressive dress-day in the spirit of the Princess of the elves. It cheaper and will fit a variety of occasions. Modest simple dress in a cage would be appropriate for a small ceremony for friends and family.

Whatever the outfit, neither was the final choice for the wedding, the main thing is to feel comfortable and happy on this fateful day.

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