How to hang ceiling Wallpaper

Wallpaper on the ceiling can beautify and liven up any room. Ceiling surface has long been used by interior designers and offers good opportunities for creating attractive external appearance of the building.

Как оклеить потолок обоями

Quite harmoniously can turn out if to combine traditional soft colors with an unusual approach. Nice bright ceiling Wallpaper, with an unusual pattern or monochrome. They can not only decorate room, but also perform another important task — helping to conceal small surface defects, cracks, irregularities.

Instructions for hanging Wallpaper on the ceiling

If you don’t have to do this kind of work, like wallpapering the ceiling, try to check its performance.

First of all we should take care of good stable platform, which is easy to climb, easy to move from place to place. It will have to straighten up to his full height while you work on gluing and it should definitely be considered when selecting or manufacturing design.

Be sure to take care of safety. Before you start, disconnect the electricity, remove the hanging hardware, if there are bare wires insulate them.

Work should be carried out in stages:

1. Wallpapering the ceiling is better not length and width. Choosing non-woven material, promazyvaya not the blade itself, and the surface to which to nail him. Use a special adhesive composition, which must be diluted in accordance with instructions and then applied to the prepared surface. You can pre-stretch for orientation parallel to the wall of the rope — it should be positioned at a width corresponding to the same value at the roll of Wallpaper.

2. Ceiling Wallpaper is better to stick together with the assistant. Begin pasting from the corner — the end of the fabric is placed between the ceiling and the wall and aligned in accordance with the planned landmark. Using a rubber spatula Wallpaper easier to press and flatten into the corners.

3. The rest of the blade is distributed over the surface. Ceiling Wallpaper must be well glued, then need to trim the excess and clean up the glue residue with a damp cloth.

4. The same operation must be repeated with subsequent paintings. Pasting Wallpaper, it is necessary to closely monitor the alignment of the pattern on adjacent strips. Prokatyvaja cushion joints — it helps to connect them faster.

5. The paintings will need to complete the holes for the sockets of chandeliers. Circle the location of the outlet applied radial incisions. Then it will be necessary to trim the Wallpaper at the base of the glass chandeliers. All remains of adhesive immediately wipe off.

6. When achieved ceiling Wallpaper wall, strip down along its surface and cut with a knife.

Self-gluing of Wallpaper is not so difficult, but to carry out this work better is not alone. The assistant will hold the fabric this way will be much easier to work with.

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