How to successfully choose the cover for the video on YouTube

The main thing that decides’ll see if the video viewer or not — that’s his cover. It catches the eye. If the cover is interesting, the views provided and the video is becoming quite popular. To make a good and proper cover is very simple, we only need to follow the basic rules.

Пример правильного оформления обложки для видео

So, in order to interest the viewer and motivate him to view the video, you need only 2 components: the quality of cover and the correct name. But now let’s talk about the cover. Think about it, what do you see when you go on YouTube? You see lots of different «tiles», and choose only the one that is in the best wrapper, i.e. with the most beautiful cover. To create a good, attractive and interesting artwork needs to meet the following rules:

1 rule. Matching the theme of the video

This is the most important and the banal rule. «Well, it’s obvious» you say. Understandable, but not always. The cover should fully reveal the meaning of the video, to show the audience that it is exactly what they want to see. On the cover you can even write the name of the video to see what will be discussed. For example, if you made a video in which create any figure on the cover needs to be your picture, not a picture taken from the Internet.

2 the rule. Quality

As the cover choose a quality image or photo. It should be clear, legible, and quite bright. It must be all clearly visible. Bad shots immediately push away from view, especially if they were filmed on a phone with bad camera, when the photo turns out «the quads». So do not be lazy to find good pictures. Let’s go back to our example. Your drawing must be clear, lines are not blurred, all the details must be clearly visible, otherwise the picture will lose its beauty.

3 the rule. Size

YouTube standard video and cover art 1920×1080, so choose a cover that size, or in proportion to that. After all, looks very ugly, when on two sides — two black bands. It looks unprofessional, that is not likely to attract the audience.

4 rule. Brightness

The cover should be evident — to be bright. When there is a choice between what to see, we choose what we immediately see and are attracted to. And the bright colors and contrast certainly distinguish your artwork from the mass of other, more faded.

5 a rule. Creating a generic style covers

When your channel gains popularity, videos are viewed, you get subscribers. You need to learn, and becomes easier when the cover video of the same type. People went on YouTube will see your video, if it will have some distinctive features, some special style.

6 a rule. Compliance with the type of video

For different types of video usually uses different information on the cover. For example, for conversational videos cannot take pictures of any items, as they will not fit the meaning. In this case, the viewer must be set up in a nice warm conversation and it gives only a picture of the person, who will narrate in the video, it will inspire confidence. In the case of video games, you need to show the game that you want, for example, comment. And the cover should be placed a frame from the playing point, or the cover of the game. If you already know, it’s good to put your picture on the cover in any type of video.

So, in order that the cover was good, catchy and attractive, it is necessary that it was qualitative, bright, the right size, it needs to meet the meaning and the type of video and have your style. After completing all of these points, you will receive udana that they exchange the cover, and the video will be to recruit a large number of views.

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