How to upload videos on «YouTube»

If you are just taking their first steps on the Internet, shoot your own videos and want to acquaint the world with them, it is necessary to master the process of posting videos on the popular video site. Today, «YouTube» is a web server that provides users the ability to add, browsing and commenting on videos.

Как выложить видео на "Ютуб"


1. First, you need to go to the official website «YouTube» at the following link You’ll need to register on the site Google, which for the past few years belongs to «YouTube». If you do not have a mailbox on Gmail, on the website «YouTube», click «Login», create an account, fill in all the cells according to the instructions. In case of successful registration you will receive an SMS message with a code that you must enter on the website «YouTube».

2. Next locate the button «Add video» and click on it. After that, start your own channel on «YouTube» that needs to come up with a name. After you create a channel you can start to download your video.

3. On the page, download the videos you need to select the settings of the loaded clip: the only availability you, for all or only for those who have the link. The default setting is «all».

4. Click the white arrow on a red background in order to open a special window through which you will be able to choose the file on your computer. The download time of the clip will depend on its volume and the speed of your Internet. That file downloaded, you can read what you should see a green checkmark and a link that you can send to friends to view the video.

5. If you want your video seen by other people, you need to come up with an interesting and accurate title of the video, describe the contents, to specify tags and choose a category that will host your video.

6. Remember that «YouTube» can not upload other people’s videos, fragments thereof, recording games. The violation is also considered to be an overlay on the video unauthorized music. Remember that for copyright infringement «YouTube» has the right to impose limits on the use of your services. In order to place someone else’s video, you’ll need written permission from its owner.

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