How to choose a template for WordPress

For each blogger, the WordPress engine is almost the ultimate dream. On WordPress you can create a pretty good and interesting blog, fill it with different kinds of content and eventually to start earning on your blog.

Как выбрать шаблон для WordPress

However, everything starts with a good template. You can in this direction go several ways:

— Buy paid template. In this case, you will be sure that your template is almost unique, and has not had time to get of your users.

— Pattern on order – this is when you pay directly to the Creator of the template (usually a freelancer), and it is specifically for your blog to determine the best template that will fit in the first place under the theme of your site. This method is the most expensive, but most effective. If you decided to build a blog, use this paragraph.

— Free template. Free templates – this is the most «buggy» versions, as most of them were designed exclusively for English speaking users but not for German. Therefore, you will likely have to translate certain parts of the template. And this is the best. And in the worst case you can just catch a virus by downloading this template. But there are some pretty good templates that you can customize so that it will not be worse paid, and perhaps even better than any paid template!

But remember that the template will not be able to replace the quality of your recordings. If you decide to create a site where there will be no valuable and interesting information, what would a super-template you have, you will still fail.

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