What is the relationship between the target audience and website design

Developing a web design specialist must be able to correctly strike a balance between their own vision of solving the problem, customer requirements and interests of the target audience of the site. Only the design is made according to the interests of users can bring success to the project.

Как соотносятся целевая аудитория и дизайн сайта

The whole point of the site, that is, its thematic focus and content (not to mention the color) – it all depends on what the project target users. Before the creation of the site, it is important to decide with the customer the question, because the answer to it determines the course of further work.

Determine target audience is quite simple. First, you need to identify the main categories of users who may be useful this site. Moreover, it is necessary to allocate them according to different criteria: age, gender, professional level knowledge of computer and Internet, etc. secondly, you need to determine the purpose of the visit this site. And thirdly, you should consider the theme of the project and accordingly interested in this information user groups.

Usually site visitors can be divided into three main groups.

The first group are people who use old computer equipment. They prefer simple and easy loading websites, not overloaded with animations or images. The most convenient text design with a small amount of graphics.

The second group concerns the majority of users. Usually these people have good enough computer equipment that allows them to display more complex in design sites. However, they are more interested in the internal content pages, rather than their design. Therefore, for this category of users is worth doing is easy and convenient sites that are not overloaded with unnecessary animations and graphics. The classic design of this site is a web page that has columnar structure. And with the obligatory presence of «hats» with the organization name.

The third group is people who are actively interacting with the computer field. They are no more than 5% of all users. They have the latest computer software, they feel confident in the Internet, quickly and respond well to information, and submitted in various forms (text, audio, video, images, etc.). This category of users, no doubt, will draw attention to the design of the site, ease of use, the original decision.

But there are situations where it is difficult to identify specific groups of the target audience. In this case it is better to make a website with neutral décor. Not difficult, but not too simple, not bright, friendly colours. It is worth considering that users can be any age group, people both female and male persons of different professions, with different educational levels and with different installed computer equipment.

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