What are the websites: design styles

To say what style is the design of a particular site is difficult, because their classification is rather blurred. The principles for this classification has a lot of work to identify them all, perhaps, impossible. However, aware of certain fundamentals is necessary.

Определить какой-то один стиль при создании сайта практически невозможно. Все они существуют, дополняя друг друга.

A variety of sites that can be found on the Internet, is really amazing, from the minimalist — black letters on a white background – to the riot of colors. The variety of directions in design styles are divided in different ways, we will tell you about the most common.
The design of the site, like a blog, determine, based on the topic of the resource itself. This division consider as the most intuitive and associative. In accordance with him, to talk about the following main styles of website design.

Thematic website design

Retro design. This style entails the use of site specific attributes as elements of decor and interior items. All of them should comply with the spirit of the past – to indicate the past decades.
Design in the style of «grunge». By itself, the grunge is chaos, a riot. «Grunge» site if carelessly made, the composition of pseudoangina. The tone is often dark, dim. The most common elements in the design – blots and blurred spots, scrapes, which when combined with strict graphic shapes and unique fonts.
A futuristic design. Style in contrast to the retro. On the futuristic website everything points to the future: here are robots or some elements, they indicate that other mechanisms, computers with artificial intelligence and the like.
Animated design. On the website will be the heroes of cartoons or comics, recognizable landscapes, and other elements, done in a cartoon manner. Such sites are usually associated with goods and services for children, although there are exceptions – it depends on the customer’s site.
The principle of the journal. In this case, the name speaks for itself – the Internet-the edition adopts the design of the magazine: with large headlines, same pictures, and dividing by the column. The most common use of online versions of print media and women’s sites.
Classic design. Website design, which is the most popular in a given time period is called classical. Accordingly, classic style – one that seeks to reasonably copy the largest and most popular portals. So, to the classics of our time include Web 2.0 and gif banners.

The unity of styles

Whenever it comes to the styles in the design of websites implies that their subject scope. However, it should be noted that to determine any one style when creating a website is impossible. They all exist, complementing each other. In addition, hourly born new styles of design. So, the website for confectionery may be performed in «chocolate» — style store selling kitchen in the «home» and forum for breeders of hunting hound – dog. That is, for each site will need its own style and, accordingly, the design. The list above is the most common frameworks that can be used and should be improved.

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