What to choose: a smartphone or a tablet?

In order not to spend a considerable sum on a gadget in vain, it is necessary to think in advance about the advantages and disadvantages of particular types of gadgets just for you…

Что купить - смартфон или планшет?

The choice between a smartphone and a tablet rather ambiguous, since in modern shops presents a wide range of devices, which give many opportunities to the skillful user.

On modern smartphones and tablets can play, read, search the Internet, work with documents and images, etc., so before you purchase, think about what you expect from the device.

If there is a need for a compact device that fits easily into a small bag or pocket, and allows you to make a call, surf the Internet, read the working papers, it is better to stay on a smartphone with a large screen (5-6 inches). Such a device is quite compact, but allows you to do almost the same as on the tablet.

Useful tip: in my opinion, if you are looking for a universal device, it is best to buy a smartphone with a large screen and the highest possible amount of memory and the ability to connect memory cards.

If you want to spend much time on the Internet, watch movies, read books, work with texts, spreadsheets, and presentations (and not only yourself, but also showing them to colleagues, superiors), it is likely more suited tablet (preferably with a sim card for mobile Internet, not to depend on wifi which is not everywhere).

Helpful hint: a tablet is more convenient to use, if you choose the model with the maximum resolution of the screen.

Well, if you can not decide, perhaps for you PC, about which I wrote earlier.

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