Do you need a smart watch?

With the appearance in the sale of so-called smart watches on more or less affordable prices, many people ask themselves the question — to buy or not to buy? Let’s think, useful whether the smart watch, would or would not want such a toy for adults…

Нужны ли вам смарт-часы?

First let me remind you that the idea of smart watches was embodied in various models of watches since the late 20th century. Produced electronic gadgets in the form of hours, who were able to memorize the text, save files and folders and even had the opportunity to connect to a PC via wireless communication channels. However, truly useful they have become with the proliferation of mobile gadgets.

So, the first criterion having to buy a smart watch becomes the availability of smartphone in which this watch will work. Smart watches will much less likely to get a smartphone from his pocket, this will allow time to keep track of important calls and messages. Of course, there are watches that do not need a smartphone (they work as an independent mini-smartphone), but most smart watches are still produced to work in tandem.

Also, depending on the specific model capabilities a smart watch can be useful as a fitness bracelet, Navigator, alarm clock, etc.

Of course, there are watches that work with gadgets based on Android OS, as well as lovers of hardware from Apple.

Thus, before buying consider which capabilities you need, read detailed descriptions of different models on the Internet, watch videos in which owners of these watches tell how and why they use your purchase. Remember, not every model will be able to interact with your existing smartphone, this question should also be clarified on the website of the watch manufacturer.

What criteria is worth considering? They are not as important, but, nevertheless, can influence your choice:

Design. By the way, before you buy should go shopping and try on a couple models because smart watch is still quite massive.

— Battery capacity, and display type. Remember that black-and-white screen based on electronic ink consumes less energy.

— The price. You should not spend too much, but also to acquire an outdated model with minimum features is not worth it.

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