How to copy and paste text using the keyboard

Novice PC users may be wondering how to copy text using the keyboard, and then paste it to the right place. It uses special key combinations, and special programs and other ways.

Узнайте, как копировать и вставить текст с помощью клавиатуры

How to copy text using the keyboard

You can copy text using the keyboard, using a key combination like «Ctrl+C». Pre-text you need to select the mouse or keyboard. To do this, place the cursor before the required to copy the passage and clamp (hold) the left mouse button. Make the move the mouse down. You will see how the text will be highlighted in a different color. Stop the cursor immediately after the last character and release the button. Now you can press «Ctrl+C» to copy.

Necessary you can highlight text using the keyboard and without using the mouse. For example, the combination «Ctrl+A» selects all the text in an open document or web site. If you need to highlight just one word, you can quickly click on it twice with the mouse, and then copy keyboard. Instead of the keyboard you can click on the highlighted text, right mouse and from the appeared menu choose «Copy».

After copying the text falls in the invisible region of a computer’s memory «Clipboard» where it will be available to be pasted until the computer turns off. In addition, please note that with each successive copy, previously stored in the «Clipboard» the text will be lost. If you want to save several passages and «get» them from the memory for insertion in any order and at any time, you can download and install one of the special programmes for the empowerment of «Clipboard», for example, CLCL or ClipDiary.

How to insert text using keyboard

Paste text using the keyboard is very simple. Place the cursor in the desired location (e.g. in the open document file), then press the key combination «Ctrl+V» to move the copied text. You can also click with the right mouse anywhere on the document and choose the menu item «Paste».

There is also a Cut command that is needed to ensure that when you copy the text removed from selected locations. Cut the text by «Ctrl+X». In the future, to use the familiar paste «Ctrl+V» or context menu when working with the mouse.

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