Choosing the right toothpaste

Nowadays the range of toothpastes is just huge and to choose the right toothpaste that is appropriate for you is quite difficult. Someone chooses a well advertised product, and someone who uses one brand for years. But every person has different teeth and oral cavity, as a result, certain kinds of toothpastes help to improve the health of the teeth, while others can even harm. To make the right choice, consider the types of toothpastes and how do they differ from each other.

Выбор правильной зубной пасты

Modern tooth pastes pleasing variety of form, colors, flavors. But beyond that toothpastes differ in purpose — hygienic, preventive, curative, and whitening for kids.

Hygienic toothpastes are suitable to all people who have no diseases of the mouth. They are designed only for cleaning teeth of food particles and to freshen breath.

Preventive toothpasteaimed at the prevention and elimination of dental caries. However, with serious oral problems, of course, they can’t handle it.

Important! Pay attention to the RDA rate (coefficient of abrasion). For healthy teeth, choose a toothpaste with 80-100 units, and for sensitive pasta do not use more than 25-30 RDA.

Therapeutic toothpastes, usually prescribed by a doctor. Do not use them yourself, as these pastes are designed for a specific course of treatment and with constant use may even harm the oral cavity. Each treating paste has a narrow specialization and fight with this specific problem.

Whitening toothpaste attract many people who want to have a white smile without the hassle. But don’t go on about the ads, such a stunning result can be achieved only in the dental clinic. Many whitening toothpaste contain a coarse abrasive, which over time thins the enamel.

Children’s toothpaste choose according to the child’s age. It is better to choose baby pastes with the lowest abrasion. Also keep in mind that children often swallow toothpaste while brushing one’s teeth, so choose toothpaste with the most natural composition that it did not cause stomach upset.

Useful tip: to choose a good toothpaste that is useful for your teeth, it is better to consult a dentist.

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