How to use essential oils

Women since ancient times used the essential oils to preserve its beauty. But also, in addition to beauty, they have a beneficial effect on mood and state of mind, the main thing is to learn to use them properly and choose the one that is right for you.

Как с пользой применять эфирные масла

Knowledge of the beneficial properties of essential oils will help you to use them with maximum efficiency. Even at home you can use them for various cosmetic and Spa treatments. And what woman does not dream to have your own little home Spa!

On our planet there are more than 80 thousands of different species of plants containing essential oils, but the industry uses only about two hundred species. The quality of oils depends on their production and storage.

Tip: to choose a quality essential oil, pay attention to its appearance (the oil should be transparent, without turbidity and free of foreign inclusions). Also, carefully review the label. If the label with the inscription – 100% pure, 100% artifisches (essentail) oil (100% pure; 100% pure essential oil), this suggests that the manufacturer is confident in its quality.

Many essential oils can be used to create masks or simply add to your favorite cream or shampoo. Let’s see what they can help to maintain your beauty:

— Wheat germ oil nourishes dry skin

— Jojoba oil is suitable for eliminating small wrinkles

— Apricot oil is a wonderful remedy to strengthen nails

— Orange — to combat oily Shine

— Oils with a calming effect — lavender, ylang ylang, patchouli, chamomile.

— Tonic oils — peppermint, lemon, Melissa, rosemary.

IMPORTANT! Do not use oil in its pure form, but add to cosmetic products: 50 ml cream no more than 8-10 drops ; shampoo or conditioner 1-2 drops per tablespoon; massage 3-6 drops per 15 ml of oil base; for baths 2-4 drops of oil to 15 square meters. And make sure you are not allergic to the particular oil. To do this, apply a drop of oil on the tender skin of the elbow bend and wait 24 hours. If no reactions, then this oil is for you.

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