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The purpose and value of popular cosmetic presented here.

цена крема

Day creams

  • Intensive moisturizing cream Super Moisturiser, Environ. Useful for those who work in air-conditioned spaces. Price: 2200 RUB.
  • Super Aqua Day, Guerlain. Nourishes, strengthens and tones the skin. Cost: 4800 RUB.
  • Hydractive 24H, Dr. Pierre Ricaud. Cream provides skin hydration for 24 hours. Price: 1200 rubles.
  • Nutridivine, Decle~or. Nourishing cream creates a skin protective layer that moisturizes the skin and does not evaporate the moisture. Cost: 2500 RUB.

Night watch

  • Normaderm Detox, Vichy. Works at night and helps to reduce sebum production. Suitable for oily skin. Price: 750 rubles.
  • Intereszby moisturizing cream based on grape — Pulanna. Prevents premature aging, improves the immune system of the skin thanks to hyaluronic acid. Price on request.
  • Regenerating night cream «Ginseng», Erborian. Soy proteins and Korean rice stimulate the activity of fibroblasts and collagen synthesis. The cost 3150 rubles.

Universal care

  • Swiss Herbs, Toitbel. Face cream with Alpine rose extract nourishes and moisturizes normal and inclined to dryness. Price: 350 rubles.
  • Spa Body Care, Ciel. Sorbet for the body with extracts of fucus, peony, coffee, vitamin perfectly moisturizes the skin. Price: 260 roubles
  • With sunscreen better «over» than «under». For the face you need at least 1/3 of a teaspoon (this does not apply to solid sticks). For the body requires about three tablespoons of milk or butter and a little less thick cream.

Creams for eyes

  • «Charming look», Lush. It has good moisturizing effect, ideal for young skin. Price: 795 RUB.
  • Signs Shot From Pola. The serum fills the wrinkles around the eyes, the skin is tightened and aligned. Cost: 5,500 rubles.

Lotions and serums

  • Serum Polyphenol, Caudalнe. Antioxidant anti-aging serum strengthens the protective functions of the skin. Price: 5600 roubles
  • Sebo Control Serum, Irushka. Gently cleanses pores and effectively treats acne. Does not dry or dehydrate the skin. Cost: 2250 RUB.
  • Vitalprotection, Darphin. Anti-aging lotion SPF50 corrects and protects the skin against the appearance of pigmentation. Price: 1900 RUB.

Serum «hydration», Noni Care. Eliminates dehydration and a feeling of tightness of the skin. Price: 520 roubles

How to apply?

RUB cream in palms and apply to face, letting the cream soak: first on cheeks, then on chin, on forehead, neck and chest area. The cream is quickly absorbed? Repeat once.

You can turn in tonic hydrating mask: soak them multi-layered napkin and put it on the face after washing.


  • Radiance Boosting Powder, Diptyque. Natural white clay in the composition of the powder cleanses the skin, saturates it with minerals and trace elements. Price: 720 rubles
  • Cleansing gel for the face, Diademine. Gel with coconut oil nourishes and smoothes the skin, preparing it to the effect of the cream. Price: 205 roubles
  • Refreshing peeling gel, Cefine. Gently exfoliates thanks to polyglutamine acid from the extract of soybeans. Price: 1600 RUB.

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