What hair colors are gonna be in 2016

Trendy trends in the colouring of 2016 include not only the new unusual colors, but also variations based on the basic primary colors. Even in 2015 was not afraid of experiment and could be observed on the streets girls with strands of unnaturally bright and bold colours: blue, purple and green hue on the tresses of any length. It is often used hidden underlights aren staining technique, when the rainbow colors were hidden under the natural shades of hair.

Тренды окрашивания волос 2016

In 2016 we will see on the streets more relaxed experiments, the game of colors type blue-gray, rose gold or espresso brown. The trend of beauty is that in hair colors that adorn and complement the original hue of hair, but do not allow to go far from the original idea. They’re refreshing and add interest, for example, blonde or strawberry espresso with caramel.

So, let’s do an overview of the new trends of hair coloring in the palette of colors for 2016

White cool trend

Fashionable shades will be called predominantly cool tones in the base colour. The trend coolness lies from silver-grey (color grandmother) «Granny grey hair color» to Scandi-blonde «Snowlights». Ash, platinum metallic and silver tones dominate the trend of 2016. Their definitely worth a try. They will easily fall for fair-haired girls and those who goes cold shade strands around the face.

You espresso with caramel or cookies?

Girls brunettes fashion trend in the direction of espresso brown, but not normal, and with splashes of caramel. He, like the bronda «Bronde», by the way, favorite shade of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, looks great on most skin tones. Espresso or caramel sponge cake, milk chocolate is a warm brown shades, which are interspersed with very light beige highlights. This definitely retains the overall tone of the warm range.

Pink trend

Surely, fashion trend 2016 is shades of pink, but not simple, and the type of rose quartz «Rose quartz». It is associated with complete serenity by connecting with the light blue. At the height of fashion will be the clothing hue of rose quartz, we know him by the color of the sky at dawn before sunrise. Not less popular tone – rose gold. This does not color acid pink a La Barbie. It’s a rich cool shade peaceful pink.

Blue steel

Blue steel «Blue steel» or «Blue Gray» continues the trend of cold tones, but for dark haired girls. Leading stylists are confident that this cold shade perfect girls of Asian appearance and those who have fair skin and blue eyes.

None of the tones of a trend 2016 not radically alter the basic tone of the hair, but adjusts to drastically improve the «boring» base shades.

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