Fauna of Israel: some information

Fauna of Israel is very rich. In this country you can meet amazing animals and birds. In Israel there are several tens of species of mammals and several hundred species of birds.

Животный мир Израиля: некоторые сведения

Fauna of Israel represents about 80 species of mammals, large species is relatively common to see Gazelle (gazella gazella) and Nubian goat (capra nubiana). In arid areas the Dead sea is found a Caracal (desert lynx, felis caracal), hyenas, various species of foxes. In Israel there are also porcupines.

Many birds (over 500 species, including migratory) most noticeable Pelican (pelecanus onocrotalus), numerous species of herons, and some raptors. On the coast of the red sea s small Flamingo (phoeniconaias minor). Another interesting bird of Israel – hoopoe. The hoopoe (Upupa epops) as a result of the national vote in 2008 was elected the «state bird of Israel» (one of the arguments in its advantage was frequent mention of the hoopoe in the Bible).

Among the several dozen species of snakes are very poisonous and dangerous to humans — carpet Viper (echis colorata) and the Palestinian Viper (vipera palaestinae).

Meet in Israel and unique mammals. Such can be referred Daman. The origin and naming of the hyrax (a small animal the size of a cat, very popular in Israel) is so unusual that zoologists have identified hyraxes in a single squad. Their nearest relatives were the elephants and the dugong – the rare sea mammals, never leaving the water. In the temper Daman caution struggling with desperate curiosity. When the person hiding the animals immediately.

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