Callanetics is a fantastic tool to obtain perfect figure

Group classes in the fitness center is a great way for weight loss, health improvement and rejuvenation of the body. For all time of existence of fitness and callanetics in particular, there was not a single disappointed person who would call these exercises useless.


Callanetics — exercise program, a perfect mix of static load and stretch marks, named in his honor American Callan Pinckney.

Callanetics is superior to the load shaping and aerobics, but, at the same time, this is the best option for those who an extended period of time postponed sports. The complex of these exercises will be useful for overweight people and even those who have an energetic workout can cause damage to the overall health. Well, for those who do not want to perform strenuous exercise, but really wants to have a slender slim figure, this method is simply irreplaceable.

How fast will see results from doing callanetics?

After seven full lessons with the necessary dedication, you will receive noticeable results. Your body will become more feminine and beautiful that you will immediately notice your friends. Now I can safely say that I know a really magical way of transformation. After the first noticeable result on the way to the ideal figure, you’ll start to eat properly and to show a desire to move more. It was after doing callanetics you will have a huge burst of energy. But in combination with correct, regular exercises this will give a simply stunning effect.

As classes callanetics affect overall health?

After doing callanetics, you will feel that the body becomes flexible and the muscles supple. Improved posture and a reduced overall body volume. It would be better and the metabolism, improves the cardiovascular system. Even the color of the skin will look much more attractive.

Meal and workout

To achieve results we need to know what meal an hour before training is not recommended, and within a few hours after doing callanetics. The body needs to burn the maximum amount of excess calories in a «hot» condition.

Where to start?

Start callanetics classes with two to three sessions per week, performing the exercise on one exercise at least an hour. After achieving the desired result, to maintain the good condition of the figure, you can do callanetics every day for 15 minutes.

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