Yoga — path to self-improvement

Yoga is the knowledge of human nature and the spirit. The ability to control your body’s energies. With practice you can achieve the unity of body and soul. This phenomenon can be called the euphoria. In yoga there is no best and no worst. There is only the perfection of oneself through physical and breathing exercises.


Yoga for beginners

The first classes it is better to start independently and with the teacher. It will help in taking the first steps to a knowledge of the yoga system, teach to breathe correctly, to do the basic asanas. Asana is exercise, body position, posture. All asanas are aimed at stretching and compression of muscles. Each asana has its name. In most yoga postures are associated with flora and fauna, so have names such as cat, lion, Lotus.

Our life is accompanied by constant stress, worries at home and at work, haste, illness, depression. And the only person who has found harmony within himself, can get rid of this environmental turmoil. It is yoga classes help to find inner peace and to know yourself. In addition, exercising regularly can improve the shape and tone muscles.


There are many types of yoga — Raja, janani, Kundalini, Hatha, Iyengar yoga, Sahaja. They are all aimed at achieving harmony of body and soul. For beginners the best is Hatha yoga. Classes of Hatha yoga focus on the physical exercises and the special breathing technique. Thanks to this system people learn how to manage your energy — store it, to direct in a certain way.

The positive effects of yoga

The classes help change our food system. The teachings of yoga are directed to transition to the right way of living, and vegetarianism, as every living creature has a soul. If you follow the guidelines, then you can gradually give up coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, meat, harmful sweets. All of these actions lead to better physical and spiritual state, and therefore, to longevity.

Doing system yoga can improve body flexibility, strengthen back muscles, increase stamina, normalize blood pressure, improve balance, strengthen the musculoskeletal system, remove depression, and headaches. In addition, these classes improve sleep, memory, increase immunity, help improve self-esteem.

Thanks to the harmony that appears in the body after practice, disappear internal closures that prevent the free movement of energy through the body. Harmony of body and spirit helps to open creative possibilities, to see the joy in each day, to explore the world and to strengthen willpower.

Often resort to yoga as an alternative medicine. What will be the outcome of the treatment depends on the person, how he approaches practice. This internationally known practice is suitable for all — the elderly, children, men, women, pregnant. Most importantly, find a professional who will help determine the type of yoga and will support in endeavors of self-discovery.

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