What is aerology

Aerology — the invention of instructor Michelle Dortignac, known in our country for more than five years and every year is gaining popularity. This kind of yoga will help you to keep fit, have a good stretch, relieve stress and find inner harmony.

Что такое аэройога

In this kind of yoga exercises are performed in a special elastic hammocks hanging from the ceiling. Thanks to the hammock aerology has a lot of advantages over conventional exercises.

First, better training of the deep muscles and muscles of the stabilizers, as the focus is on the asanas and even balance on the weight.

Secondly, there is a gentle effect on the spine and joints. Inverted postures are performed most safely, without being crushed vertebrae. In addition, by using the hammock you can fix the position of the body, for example, in the strap while resting the feet on the floor. Thus to concentrate on working the desired muscle.

Thirdly, stretching with hammock particularly effective and also safe.

Fourthly, in the hammock to do postures relaxation: fabric envelops all the contours of the body, and the swinging has a positive effect on the nervous system.

Yoga in hammocks is also indicated for pregnant women, but of course, under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

We must remember that there are aerology and contraindications, such as thrombosis, stroke, some mental illnesses. This is primarily due to the inverted postures. At the yoga Studio you must inform and, if necessary, to send on consultation to the doctor. In the absence of contraindications aerology can engage people of any age and overweight people.

It is very important to choose the right place classes: the instructor must have a certificate for exactly this kind of yoga as the method of teaching is very different from the usual. The quality of the hammock should conform to the standards, cheap hammocks are made of unsuitable tissue is of poor quality. In the first lesson, the instructor should explain the rules of safety, how to choose a hammock under your height and how to exercise properly: the position of the back, arms, knees, how to breathe correctly.

After a month or two you will feel changes in your body associated with the removal of the clamps in the cervical spine, back pain, improving joint mobility and muscle elasticity. And aerology is sure to become an integral part of your life.

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