How to correctly fight with your loved

If people loved each other, from quarrels no one is immune. If you care for your loved one, then you need to learn to argue constructively.

Как ссориться с любимым правильно

1. Avoid insults, degrading a loved one (you may regret later, and he will remember for a lifetime this offense).

2. Never proceed to the discussion of relatives, especially mothers.

3. Do not compare him with other men.

4. Do not criticize the mental capacity of a man and his successes at work.

5. Do not generalize («you’re nothing», «you Always throw things»).

6. Instead of «You’re doing it wrong» say «I hate it when you do that».

7. Don’t let to belittle and insult you. Remember, you are partners and therefore have equal rights in the relationship.

8. If you’re both at the limit and are ready to slander each other too much, then better to just leave the room, take a walk on the street. So you calm down yourself and give your loved one to take himself in hand.

If the relationship is inevitably a conflict is brewing, consider it an occasion for serious discussion and to upgrade relations. Sit down at the negotiating table and calmly discuss the accumulated mutual complaints.

Helpful hint: never put off a solution to the conflict, the sooner you will understand each other, the better.

And remember, business as usual not the best solution, because sooner or later they will come back. Two loving people can always negotiate and find a compromise.

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