What to give to women on March 8

A beautiful day on 8 March, probably the favorite holiday of all Russian women. In this day honours mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives. But at a time when the beautiful half of humanity is looking forward to a holiday and lost in conjectures, what will present them with their men, the latter frantically thinking of how to please their beloved women.

Что дарить женщинам на 8 марта

From the history of the holiday

For the first time the proposal to make March 8 International women’s day was proposed at the Conference of socialist women in 1910 in Copenhagen. This proposal was made by Clara Zetkin. In Russia international women’s day was first celebrated in 1913 in St. Petersburg. The symbol of the holiday is the sprig of Mimosa, as this delicate flower is blooming one of the first and is not afraid of cold weather.

What to give

So what to give the beautiful half of humanity on this day? The gift in the first place depends on whom it is intended.

Colleague, friend or neighbor will be quite small Souvenirs, chocolate or sprigs of Mimosa.

Mother, grandmother, daughter or sister you can choose a gift based on their preferences or Hobbies. For example, if mom likes theatre, a ticket to the premiere of the play will be a great gift. Grandmothers most important of all our attention, so it is important to congratulate yourself with a Cup of tea, but to present you an album of family photos, a warm shawl, and, of course, flowers. Sister will appreciate the novelties of perfumery and cosmetics or fashion accessory (scarf spring, bright umbrella). Daughter will be thrilled with the children’s cosmetic set or a long desired toy.

A gift to the wife is a peculiar exam for men, because it will show whether the husband knows his mate and can please her. Win-win situation is to listen to the wife the entire month before the holiday, most likely, she «told anyone» about their desires. Maybe she wants to go to your favorite restaurant or simply walking through the spring streets. So take a chance to please his beloved and make this day unforgettable for both of you. But if you speculated on what wants to receive a gift of your spouse, we will help to determine the list of sought-after gifts.

If a woman passionate about creating a cozy home, there are a variety of home accessories, home appliances, interior items (vases, tableware, textiles, modern iron).

A woman fond of the culinary arts will love the unusual and colourful cookbook, a rare variety of tea or a collection of exotic spices.

Refined fashionistas will like glamorous or vintage accessories ( paintings, mirror, fan or jewelry).

Active and cheerful should please joint photo shoot, party with friends or going to the skating rink.

Especially valuable individual, personal gifts, made to order. Ideal would be to give the ring engraved, this gift will not leave indifferent any woman.

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