Children’s shyness: causes and consequences

Shyness (shyness) is manifested in the form of a kind of anxiety, worry, embarrassment in various situations. This form States of mind that often occurs when meeting other people or being near them.


Some people consider shyness as a positive quality. But in most cases this is considered a disadvantage. People with this trait, refer to the fact that shyness prevents us from living a full life. They would very much like to get rid of this character, as constantly plagued with thoughts like, what will think and say about them to others.

The consequences of shyness are:

  • the lack of opportunity to meet new interesting people
  • the inability to defend their point of view
  • susceptibility to influence of other people
  • misunderstanding on the part of other people
  • the lack of ability to Express thoughts clearly
  • excessive focus on themselves, which prevents to notice things
  • the presence of negative experiences
  • the accumulation of emotions in yourself that is bad for health
  • the inability to obtain the necessary information for fear of communication.

The causes of shyness

Most often, shyness can emerge in childhood because of the nature of the relationship with parents. Children can be vulnerable and too painful to take criticism from parents. Children have insufficient experience of communication with people, lack of knowledge of how to behave and what to say in a certain situation, and this may be the cause of shyness.

What to do

Parents can help a child to overcome shyness, teaching him various skills of interaction with society, supporting and instilling a sense of security.

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