How to avoid winter Blues

The cold and the discomfort from it, early twilight and monotony – all this can provoke a loss of tone, chronic bad mood. Psychologists call this state of winter Blues. With the right approach anyone can avoid it. But if you let things drift, then there is a risk that the winter Blues turn into a persistent and prolonged depression.

Как избежать зимней хандры

The climate is characteristic of our country, is the best soil for the growth of the symptoms of the winter Blues. Statistics say that winter melancholy and depression, the treatment of which is lengthy and not always successful, is most susceptible office workers. Moreover, in the first place – IT specialists.

Symptoms of depression (winter Blues)

No need to panic, if you reduced vitality, constantly in a bad mood. Take this as a sign of winter. Nature, too, is asleep. You do not go crazy, simply by reducing the amount and activity of the sun’s rays has changed and your biorhythm, production of melatonin decreased and your circadian rhythms are lost. And this is the impetus for the development of the winter Blues.

The main symptoms of seasonal depression:

  • a bad mood, which is not the cause of negativity or problems
  • no joy from the fact that it did,
  • constant fatigue and weakness.

All of these symptoms should lead you to what you need to change something, and above all, in himself.

Change the attitude

In the treatment of depression (winter Blues) a guide should be tested for centuries, the truth: «If you cannot change the situation, we need to change our attitude towards it.» There are step by step, to hurry psychologists in such cases is not recommended:

  • 1 step is to acknowledge that the problem exists;
  • Step 2 is to understand that it’s not forever.

Set yourself a clearly defined goal or decide on a date. For someone exact change lives can be the holidays, compensatory time off is possible, the award or starting a new project. In addition, not far off, a succession of new holidays in February and March. And if nothing pleases, we repeat the New year in the Chinese calendar.

If you sit idly by, then…

It is impossible in any case to start feeling sorry for yourself and dive head first into their «suffering». The consequences will be disastrous – starts vegetative crises (panic attacks). In severe cases, it can result cramps and a sharp increase in blood pressure. Its first signs are:

  • panic attacks or Intrusive, do not let go of the fears,
  • increased heart rate,
  • the throbbing of blood in his head.

Most at risk are those who are not accustomed to show their feelings, to hide emotions and to endure in silence. By the way, this behavior suffer and blood vessels. As a result you may need urgent medical assistance worker. To avoid such severe consequences of the winter Blues, you need to take emergency measures:

  • if you feel that you are on the verge of collapse, then start taking sedative drugs, often walk in the fresh air,
  • do not restrain emotions, I want to cry — cry, to scream, shout, swear – swear.

The expression of emotions reduces the level of adrenaline in the blood and helps to cope with symptoms of depression.

Who can help?

Not everyone is able to cope with winter Blues or seasonal depression independently. Doctors recommend at the first signs of symptoms, consult a psychologist or psychotherapist. Unfortunately, in Russia the appeal to these professionals still perceived as something unusual and is considered a manifestation of the inadequacy of man. If you realize that your nearest and dearest understand and support you in this decision, it is possible not to advertise it.

Turning to the psychologist, you should realize that he’s not a magician and instant relief will not. Tune in for a long chat with the doctor. Its task is not to tell a magic spell that will release you from suffering. The work of the psychologist is directed to the fact that the patient has found a solution to my problem, and the doctor will push gently turn his thoughts in the right direction.

Personal assistants

If the decision to self-struggle with seasonal depression and melancholy, then read the «personal assistants»:

  •  Debriefing – write down on a blank sheet all the good and all the bad things in your life. The list of pros is sure to be more. The half sheet that lists the cons, tear, and burn (tear into small bite and in the trash).
  •  Sleep, sleep and again sleep! Only a good sleep makes a person an optimist.
  •  In the morning shower. Avoid contrasting hydrotherapeutic procedures – they not only invigorate but also annoy the person standing on the threshold of depression. The warm water jets cheer no less, but also will give peace and quiet.
  •  Fresh air is your best friend in the fight against winter Blues. Make a «promenade» in any weather. And even on Sunny days to sit at home – it’s just a crime!
  • The movement definitely. Join a fitness club, a pool, and if there is opportunity and time, simply do morning exercises.
  •  More correct light. At home and at work lighting in the winter should be as bright. Preference should be given to the «daylight»lamps.
  • A pleasant chat. Do not sit locked up – go to visit, entertainment, dining.

Without «wheels»

In any case, do not assign yourself the antidepressants. They can be taken only on the advice of the doctor and after his appointment. To cope with small deviations and a bad mood can be using walks, water procedures, lung sedative drugs based on herbs.

Learn to live on the positive, cheer yourself up by yourself, to see only the good in life and in everything that surrounds you. Optimists winter Blues and seasonal depression can overcome and break.

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