Why nightmares?

To determine why bad dreams is not always easy. However, referring to dream dictionary or psychologist too, is hardly a panacea. The most correct solution would be to simply focus on your subconscious mind.

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To learn why you have nightmares, it is enough to refer to the events of the day and start working on your subconscious. The solution of bad dreams is not always lie in the dream books, but the denial does not lead to its solution, causing regular frightening dreams. The solution is to seek by analyzing his mental state, alone or with recourse to a psychologist. In childhood nightmares to help prepare your child for adult life, full of stress and many challenges.

Regular nightmares can be a signal that you worry a lot, have difficulty and wound themselves, and thus, close to a nervous breakdown or depression. In addition, the reason for nightmares may be:

  • spicy and fatty food;
  • a side effect of certain medications;
  • alcohol;
  • the use of stimulants;
  • disease, with high fever.

The most popular subjects for nightmares are the dreams of flight, paralysis in the face of danger, delay, loss and death of loved ones, natural disasters, loss of limbs and other body parts.

How to deal with nightmares?

  • Ventilate the room before bedtime or amble.
  • A hot bath and a Cup of Jasmine tea will help to relax and recover after a long day.
  • Remove from the bedroom all the objects that provoke fear or anxiety and get rid of the habit to accumulate unnecessary things.
  • Try not to fall asleep to the TV, lying in bed before going to sleep with a tablet, laptop or phone.
  • Even if you love horror movies and thrillers, is to abandon their view because subconsciously they activate the alarm and awaken the fears.
  • Try to meditate before going to sleep under a light instrumental music.
  • Not Hebrides if you are afraid of the dark. Leave the light in the hallway or turn on the nightlight in the bedroom.

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