How to paint a metal fence

Painting metal fences are often perceived to be solely a cosmetic process. However, it is the layer of paint makes the structure from rust, which increases the life of the fence. That is why each painting should carefully follow the technology process.

Процесс покраски металлического забора

You will need

  • – scraper;
  • metal wire brush;
  • – sandpaper;
  • – Laundry soap or any cleaning agent;
  • – pure water;
  • – rag;
  • – primer for metal with anti-corrosion effect;
  • – 2 brush (primer and paint);
  • – spray paint;
  • – paint.


1. Carefully clean the surface of the fence of the old paint, rust and dirt. To do this, first the surface is treated with a scraper. Small areas of rust can be removed with a wire metal brush. For hard to reach places, use sandpaper.

2. The last step of surface preparation for painting – processing metal soap composition. Ordinary soap and water removes grease and dirt that hinder the smooth application of the paint, removes rust particles removed.

3. Rinse the soap composition a sufficient amount of clean water and carefully wipe the structure from moisture. Before applying primer the surface must be as dry.

4. Use a primer for metal processing areas can be contaminated with rust. Best of all, if the composition of the soil, there are special anti-corrosion substances. The primer allows you to align the elements when removing the rust decreased in size. For this purpose the composition is applied to the damaged area in layers with a complete drying of each previous phase.

5. With a brush apply a coat of paint on the fence, trying to observe even layer of coating. If the design is difficult to paint with a brush shape with lots of small parts, you can use spray paint. Wait until completely dry layer. It is desirable to paint the fence, designed for use outdoors, in two layers. It should also be remembered that too thick a coating may result in cracking and blistering of paint.

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