How to wire lock switch

Lock switch differs from conventional switch having a third contact acts as a switch. Typically, the lock switch is used in conjunction with another switch. Connection diagram of the pass switch is not complicated and it can collect anyone.

Как подключается проходной выключатель

The main advantage of this switch is the ability to turn on and off lights from different places. Very comfortable to use in long corridors, stairwells in two-story houses and in the bedrooms.

For example, in the hallway with a conventional switch to turn off the lights need to go back to the same switch. If the hall is to install two flow switch, the convenience of light control is increased. At the entrance to the corridor, press the key switch and turn the light on. After the corridor to turn off the light, for this click on another key pass switch at the end of the corridor and the lights go out. The same can be done if you go this room in the opposite direction.

On the stairs in private homes one lock switch is set on the first floor and the second on the second floor. Thus to turn on and off lights can be any switch.

In the bedroom, one switch installed near the door and the other near the bed that allows you to control the light from the prone position.

The principle of operation of the pass switch is very simple. These circuit breakers function as switches. That is, the switch directs electricity from one contact to another contact. Switches are used in pairs and are connected as follows.

Installation walk-through switches is no different from mounting a conventional switch. They are installed in the same mounting box and wire the same section. To each breaker down the three wires. Depending on the ease of wiring, connect the switches in two ways.

The first option is that all the connections in the junction box. We have a box to fit four cables. The cable supply voltage the cable from the lamp and two cables from the pass-through switch. Wires smooth out from isolation and connect according to the scheme according to the rules of performing of electrical work.

The second variant of the installation is when two flow switch are connected three-core cable. To feed the cable to the junction box from one switch is not necessary. Connection of wires is performed in a box of one of the switches.

Mounting option affects the amount of work performed and the consumption circuit wires. If the junction box is between two switches, all the connections in the box. When the location of the box near one of the switches, it is advisable not to wire into the box and lay to the first switch and install a fitting in it. Thus you can save a few meters of wire and reduce the amount of work.

Before performing electrical work, disconnect the supply voltage. Observe safety precautions and use personal protective equipment against electric shock.

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