Domestic contaminants: health

Few people, who know how many more harmful substances are located in their home. This lack of knowledge leads to the fact that family members often get sick, and sources of a weak immune system is not observed. Each room is, in one way or another, polluted by domestic and polluting natural components. Sources of pollution quite a lot, not all of them visible at first sight.

Бытовые загрязнители: как сохранить здоровье

Concrete is considered to be one of the materials that can release such substances as radon. Besides him, there are a number of volatile substances that cause irreparable harm to the body. For its elimination it is recommended to use additional protection. In its role can act dense paper Wallpaper, which at first glance are just part of the decor. With the same success you can use the left paint. The best helper to release the premises from unwanted substances is the constant airing of the room.

In most cases, residents of the first floor suffer from radon, as it rises from the basement. In a large number and a constant influence on the human body, it can cause lung cancer. Research has confirmed this fact and 25% of all patients suffered from underground flows of radon. However, experts recommend the main cement basement or to create a reliable sealing of the floor in the room on the first floor.

Dry air indoors, where people live, not always useful. If this is a problem, doctors suggest that you use a specific moisturizing elements: open cans and bottles with water, which should be placed under the battery. In some cases, it is recommended to use the aquarium as an additional protection against dryness and decoration. Battery cover with wet sheets.

Often there is such a thing as «sick building syndrome». In addition to the continuous ventilation, it is recommended to have indoor plants that produce oxygen. Among modern houseplants are such that pull apart the carbon dioxide and other harmful components from the air.

Modern technology offers a huge range of equipment which helps in pollution control and air humidification in the apartment, house, etc. But need to know exactly what result you want to achieve. In rooms on the lower floors and in poorly ventilated areas humidifiers the air is strictly forbidden, unless of course you don’t want to see on the walls and ceiling of a handful of of mold. There are also air purifiers, they are classified according to the types of filters.

HEPA filters — membrane septum, which accumulate in itself all dirt and different types of bacteria. Quite expensive to maintain, if not in time to change the filter, the cleaning effect will change on the increased distribution of bacteria around the room.

Water filters during rotation of the drum filter, on the principle of a water mill of the particles of moisture fly around the room. Is equivalent to the fact that you just walk out and «waving a wet cloth».

Nano-catalytic filter is a high — tech system for purification and disinfection of air, built on the example of photosynthesis of plants under the influence of ultra-violet lamps nizkochastotnoi the process of decomposition of harmful substances, exhaust gases, pathogenic bacteria, etc.

Be attentive to your health! Ozone and ion in large amounts is very harmful and dangerous! So do not buy purifiers with supposedly additional features, which are actually not needed.

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