4 ideas to optimize the space in your home

The place looks untidy, if things are scattered, and sometimes to find the right can be difficult. So tips on optimizing space and objects useful to note.

4 идеи оптимизировать место в доме

Hanging baskets. Storage basket ideal for blankets, toys, shoes and other items. It is also possible to attach to the wall a few baskets that maximizes the use of unused wall space. It is important to use the correct type of fixing that a shopping cart could sustain a load. Hanging baskets will be convenient for households of high growth.

Containers with magnets. The walls of the refrigerator will help to optimize space in the kitchen. To do this, are small baskets or plastic containers with magnets, in which you can store spices, small appliances for cooking, notes and recipes etc. These «shelves» can be done by yourself. Enough to buy a plastic basket and glue magnets to the back side of the containers.

The holders of the foil. Housewives who love to please the family bakery or baked dishes, always at hand need baking paper or foil. For easy use and tearing come in handy hinged holders for rolls. You can use another way: buy 2 plastic hook Velcro and attach at any convenient place.

Place in the chest. To save space in the drawers or possibly the closet, if it is correct to fold garments and sort them by type of clothing. Next time to find the right clothes, don’t have to spend a lot of time.

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