How to care for suede shoes at home

As she said Coco Chanel: «Suede footwear underlines taste of men and women give grace». But those who decided to buy the suede shoes, you should know some rules of care for her, so she was always beautiful and serve you for a long time.

Уход за замшевой обувью

Most women when choosing shoes prefer high-quality models made of natural materials. But besides the quality, the shoes should be even and beautiful. Suede in this case is a good choice. At all times masters of the shoes tried to choose suede as the material for the product, because it has many advantages. In suede shoes pretty women’s feet feel comfortable and cozy, and the gait is graceful and seductive.

In the spring and fall seasons, when it rains, the suede shoes wonderful women protects feet from moisture. Quality material has well-combed hair, and on the surface of the suede after touch does not remain traces.

In modern conditions of winter, when the roads pour a bunch of reagents, shoes made of natural materials can easily get hurt. However, because of the chemicals on the roads to deny yourself the pleasure to buy quality shoes. Enough in addition to boots to buy a special means for care. Using these tools, you can prolong the life of the Shoe, to maintain a beautiful well-groomed appearance.

How to care for suede shoes?

First, this is a special brush. Brushes shall be made of crepe or rubber. Secondly, the need for Shoe polishing and coloring tools to the case of fading of the shoes. And be sure to buy waterproofing spray.

In dry weather, the suede should be daily cleaned with a brush and cleansers. To remove dust from the surface of the material is very suitable slightly damp flannel.

In wet weather to help in the fight against stains and dirt will come handy tools. Mix ammonia and water and wiping the shoes with a cotton swab dipped in the solution, it is possible to remove street dirt. Cleaning suede can ordinary baking soda, which is available in every home, mixing it with warm milk. At the end of cleaning, the shoes should be wiped with a cotton swab and dry best over the steam.

To restore the appearance of suede you need to thoroughly clean soiled areas and wipe them using a coarse salt. Water treatments the suede doesn’t. From the water it becomes rough and loses its elastic properties. The surest way — vapor. A few minutes exposure to steam can restore suede shoes fresh beautiful look.

That’s it. As you can see, caring for suede shoes at home is not that difficult.

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